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LED Office Lighting

LED Office Lighting

Wren Electrical, serving Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract, are specialists in LED office lighting, helping businesses switch to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. LED bulbs are the most efficient option for homeowners and businesses: with a lifespan of 25,000 hours on average, it consumes much less electricity than Halogen or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) counterparts. Whilst the bulbs may be slightly more expensive to buy, they are guaranteed to save you more money over time.

Good lighting is essential to creating the right ambience in a room; our skilled team will find the best lighting solution for your space, offering advice through all stages of the work. We’re fully trained in lighting installation, so you can be assured that your office lighting will comply with all UK safety regulations.


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Security Light Installation

Security Light Installation

Our team can provide outdoor security light installation: a light activated by a motion sensor to help illuminate your property and deter thieves and vandals. Security lights work well on both residential and commercial properties and, if installed by a trained electrician, will create an effective lighting solution for the outside of your home or office.

Flood Light Installation

With our specialist flood light installation service, a flood light has the beam spread to light up a larger area and keep your property safe. Our skilled and experienced team provide a professional and reliable service to each client, and we’re proud of the high-quality work we do each day, whether in a kitchen, bathroom, office or even outdoors.

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